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Kneading Techniques
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Massage as a term covers a wide variety of techniques that have been developed over time and are applied to soft tissues. Massage involves manipulations that vary in form and intensity. Targeted body care for relaxing, therapeutic, preventive, athletic and aesthetic purposes.

Sports massage: Sports massage is intense manipulations with strong pressures of deeper muscle tissues and stretching. It aims to reduce muscle pain and speed recovery. It also aims to prevent injuries and improve performance.

  • Therapeutic massage
  • Relaxing massage: Gentle manipulations with the aim of relaxing and resting people with daily pressure in the work environment. The aim is to reduce stressful symptoms caused by anxiety.
  • Peeling massage: Peeling massage a special service to relax and rejuvenate the body. By removing dead cells from the skin, it becomes smooth and at the same time the manipulations relieve the muscular system from fatigue.
  • Lymphatic massage: A series of gentle movements to drain the lymph. The massage that stimulates and sculpts the body. With the right number of sessions, the activation of the metabolism and the reduction of cellulite are achieved.
  • Reflexology
  • Exfoliating foot massage
  • Cellulite massage
  • Facial massage
  • Massage with volcanic stones: Known as Hot Stones massage. It is a relaxing massage, which is done with the use of hot stones and is combined with any other type of massage.
  • Facial massage combined with exfoliation